Callisto Cane Corso "Pet Home" Contract

The following agreement is between  Country Boys Kennels (BXC), and ___________________, for the sale/purchase of_____ pure breed ____(male/female)__________(color) Cane Corso (s) in the amount of $______.


The breeder transfers pet rights & responsibilities of Cane Corso  purchased to the purchaser as of date & time specified to the right. It is agreed that the dog is being acquired as a ______(PET ONLY). No puppy purchased as "Pet Rights" will be allowed to breed. We agree that this dog is not to be purchased for re-sale nor will it be used as an attack dog.

Country Boys Kennels warrants the dog to be in good health at the time of sale. Puppy must be taken to your vet within 48 hours of receipt. Country Boys Kennels guarantees this puppy to be free of any life threatening genetic health abnormalities for _____ months. (Guarantee depends on price of puppy at time of purchase).If a life threatening genetic abnormality was to occur before ____months of age, the said puppy will be replaced with another puppy from the next available litter . Genetic diagnosis will have to come from two qualified Veterinarians, "Yours & Mine". Country Boys Kennels will not be held responsible for cost of test performed at your veterinarian. Ear cropping is not required for this breed; Country Boys Kennels will not be responsible for any loss of life , or complications due to this procedure. We  use "Premium Granular Vitamins " daily to ensure your puppy is properly developed and require the continued use of such vitamins for 2 years during your puppies development for warranty. We are distributors of these products.

 All dogs are to be kept current on all shots and health exams. Dogs are to receive medical attention when needed. Dogs are to be fed at least 2-3 times daily and have fresh water. Dogs are to have shelter from adverse weather conditions. If at any time you feel that you need to place your baby in another home; please email us with current pictures & info & we will try and help place into a new home.

Adopted families of pet quality dogs MUST  have dogs spayed/neutered by 12  months of age. The Breeder certifies that the dog is eligible  for ICCF  Registration as a Purebred Cane Corso  and will provide such forms AFTER  spay/neuter  paperwork is provided AFTER  service is performed by your veterinarian. Proof MUST  be provided to the Breeder after surgery, or Warranty is Void  & Registration paperwork WILL NOT  be released.

Adopted families are recommended to send their new puppy to obedience classes . Adopted families agree the Breeder can use all pictures sent to the Breeder in magazines or websites to promote Country Boys Kennels. If Cane Corso  is shown in Show Ring the adopted family agrees to provide Breeder with at least one Show Photo of the dog .

All money paid towards puppy is non-refundable.

Both parties agree to let each other know of any changes in address , phone, or email address.

The terms and conditions set forth in this agreement shall include the full and entire understanding between both the Breeder and the Adopted family. The parties agree that there are no further terms to Breeder Contract. Agreement warranties made , or  expressed, must be set forth in this agreement.

Adopted Families Name(s)_______________________________________________________



Phone #___________________(Home) Phone#____________________(Cell)

E-Mail Address__________________________________________________


Method Of  Payment___Cash & Card__ Person Authorizing Payment ________________________

Credit Card Billing Address If Different From Above____________________________________


Payment Amount Authorized $ ___________  Shipped_______ Picked Up___YES____

If references are needed , can we have future puppy parents contact you ?_________

Best Method of Contact__________________________________________________________

ICCF  Registry-   Pet_____ Breeder_______


                                                                          Kim Barber